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Meeting between Director General Hoang Hong Giang and World Bank Mission
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Meeting between Director General Hoang Hong Giang and World Bank Mission on potential of sustainable development for Vietnam Inland waterway


On the afternoon of April 18th 2017, at the headquarter of Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration (VIWA), senior experts on port, inland waterway transport and logistics sectors of World Bank Mission (WB) and Director General Hoang Hong Giang had a working discussion. Representatives of functional departments of VIWA were also present.

At the Meeting, on behalf of the Mission - Mr. Luis C.Blancas, informed that: with the geographical advantage as well as the trending development of multi-modal transportation, Vietnam waterway transport offers positive potentials in sustainable development. Although the sector has not received proper attention and investment from the Government for years, inland waterway accounts for 18% of Vietnam's domestic transportation market, which is an impressing number compared to countries having similar conditions to Vietnam such as China (8,7%), India (0,7%)…

According to logistic researches, inland waterway transport holds a critical position in the logistic chain by providing transferring service for goods and cargo not only between inland areas but also from deep-seaports into the interior. Furthermore, this is a positive transportation method since it is more affordable, more reliable and less polluting than road and railway transport.

Therefore, Australian Government has planned to fund VIWA through WB for further examination and evaluation of Vietnam waterway transportation's potential development. To be more specific, the evaluation will be concentrated on analyzing the ability to attract different financing sources including private participation in investment, rehabilitation, exploitation and operation.

Speaking at the Meeting, Director General Hoang Hong Giang expressed deep gratitude to WB's engaged supports on the sustainable developments of Vietnam inland waterway, especially in said-above technical assistance. According to the approved transportation development strategy, the target of Vietnam inland waterway transportation is to hold at least 32.4% of the sharing market by 2020. Therefore, as the government agency in charged of  waterway transport sector,VIWA has the duty and responsibility to look for a reliable researching report in which the practicality of Vietnam will be combined with international experiences of senior experts. With these collaborative opportunities, VIWA is willing to work with WB in order to achieve the approval from Australian Government for mentioned aid.

During the discussion, Mr. Giang also proposed that: For the purposes of the assistance, implemented consultants need to assess current status of Vietnam inland waterway and analyse its future potential which will be brought great impact on the nation's logistic system, traffic safety, social-security, developing economy, environmental protection and so on. "As a result, outputs of this technical assistance should contain recommendations including: (i) analyzing and appraising the number of items that require investment for future development such as cargo terminals, river-ports, dragging, and barges system…(ii) classifying said-items into various categories, items that will attract investment from private sector, items of which should be applied PPP form and items that should be considered as public good financed by state budget capital; (iii) proposing approached legal documents and policy system; and (iv) supporting VIWA's enhancement through personal training courses provided for key staffs working in Vietnam inland waterway area", Mr. Giang added.

Both the World Bank Mission's senior experts and Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration's Leader agreed that required procedures will be completed as well as submitted to Australian Government in May 2017 for approval.



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