Conference to strengthen waterway transport connection of Vietnam - Cambodia
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Implementing the directive of Minister of Transport, dated May 07th 2015, Mr. Hoang Hong Giang - Director General of Vietnam Inland Waterways Administration attended the conference to strengthen waterway transport connection Vietnam - Cambodia in Phnom Penh, chaired by Mr. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Transport and Public Works. In the conference, there are Mr. Yuji Kumamaru, Ambassador, head of Japanese delegation; Representative of International Mekong River Commission, the World Bank in Cambodia; with more than 40 waterway transport on Mekong River crossing Cambodia enterprises.

In the conference, the parties agreed that Vietnam - Cambodia waterway route via Thuong Phuoc / Vinh Xuong border gate is both inland waterway route and transit route to transit  goods from the Southern port area (Saigon and Thi Vai - Cai Mep) of Vietnam to Cambodia. Signed of Waterway Transport Agreement between Vietnamese Government and Royal Government of Cambodia has opened prospects to develop waterway transport and transit transport between two countries. Currently, the two sides have close cooperation with competent authorities to notify and monitor cross-border activities means of transport and promptly solve arising problems