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 1.  General Information:

1.1 Project Title: Investment in Construction Phu Dong Port - Ha Noi Project

1.2 Location: Gia Lam District, Ha Noi City.

1.3 Investment form (expectation): Investment and upgrading by BOT

1.4 The necessary:

Phu Dong port construction is necessary for economic and social development of Hanoi in particular and surrounding area in general.

Phu Dong port construction takes an important part in getting the best out of the large potential of the North transport system at the same time reducing the pressure of overload road in Hanoi and surrounding area.

Complete Phu Dong port will be able to receive ships of up to 800 tons and meet the requirements about type of goods as well as volume of cargo via the port.

Project for Investment in Construction Phu Dong Port - Ha Noi is in accordance with the detail plan of project region, inland waterway transport plan, inland waterway ports of the provinces and Ministry of Transport

Calling for investment in the project for Investment in Construction Phu Dong Port - Ha Noi by PPP is appropriate for Decision No. 4835/QD-BGTVT date 22/12/2014 on approving the mobilization socialization capital for investment construction of inland waterway infrastructure plan/project by MOT

1.5 The objectives:

The objective of the project is construction a system of wharf, water parks, warehouse to 2020 can receive up to 800T fleet, the port capacity reaches 2,54 million tons/year and up to 2030 driven scaling of wharf, warehouse and upgrade the equipment to the capacity will reach 3,0 million tons/year to serve the economic activities of Hanoi and surrounding area with Decision No. 1112 / QD-BGTVT 26/04/2013 on the approval of detailed planning inland waterway port system in the North until 2020 and orientation towards 2030.

1.6 Preliminary evaluation the current status project

Current status:

Phu Dong is located in the right banks of Duong river, downstream of Phu Dong bridge, Gia Lam district, Hanoi city.

The assessment of port's current status:

Phu Dong port is on the corridor 1, Phu Tho - Haiphong and near the corridor 3 Hanoi - Lach Giang, many inland waterway ports around are more favorable for the development of water transport. At present, road system around Phu Dong port development comprehensively which helps cargo from port can easily come to the surrounding area by road.

2. The scale and method of construction (expected)
2.1. The scale of construction

- Loading and unloading container and building materials serving economic activities of Hanoi city and surrounding areas.

- The cargo through (expected): 2020 reached 2.54 million tons / year; Orientation up to 2030 reached 3.0 million tons / year.

- The vessel size:  River and sea ships tonnage of 800 tons.

2.2. Construction plans (expected)

- The period to 2020: Investment in construction of 4 wharf for 800 vessels, total length of 255m and 8 cargo route to reach a capacity of 2.54 million tons / year; Construction about 5.900m2 warehouse and 52.420m2 yard, other supplementary works. The total construction area is estimated 24,2ha.

- Orientation to 2030: Investment in construction more 3 wharf with 90m long, bringing the total number of wharf to 7 wharf with a total length of 345m wharf.  Extended approximately 1.070m2 warehouse and 9.490m2 yard. The total square of ​​the port to 2030 estimated 26ha

3. Total projected budget (estimated):

Total investment: 886.500.000.000 VND (Eight hundred and eighty-six billion five hundred million)

Period: To 2020: 662,5 VND;  2020÷2030 : 224,0 billion VND

Fund: Socialization

  4. Preliminary assessment of capital recovery plans, mechanisms and policies

- Revenues for Payback: The revenues from cargo handling, warehousing services, multimodal transport services at port; salvage dredging products; the collection the fee of cargo in the port.

- Mechanisms and policies: support concessional financing and incentives for investors to projects according to current regulations and specific mechanisms separately proposed for the project.


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